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What are your bouquets made of in Phuket?

We often hear a question from our customers: why are your flowers so expensive, you have endless summer there and flowers grow all year round?

In response, we tell stories about the flower business, logistics difficulties, virtuoso flower suppliers and flower pricing. Do you want to listen?

So, flower delivery in Phuket - how is it?

We want to disappoint dreamers who see the tropical climate as an inexhaustible oasis with roses, tulips, peonies and hydrangeas growing everywhere - they do not grow here.

There are tropical flowers growing in Phuket and this is not for sale. Orchids, Roses and even hydrangeas are grown on an industrial scale in the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai province.

But not all flowers from these plantations are included in our bouquets, most often they are orchids. Many years of experience working with all Thai flowers has narrowed the range of flowers that we use in bouquets. We include in our compositions only the most persistent and organically combined.

By the way, Thai roses are several times cheaper than imported roses, but they do not meet the requirements of our florists in terms of quality and aesthetics.

So, we work with such plantations as China, Kenya, Ecuador and the Netherlands, partly Thailand. It follows from this that buying flowers in Thailand - Thai flowers in your bouquet may not be, and this greatly increases their cost.

Phuket is a southern region - delivery from Bangkok is added here and the price is rising again. This delivery is at least 1 day and delivery is carried out two or three times a week to our flower shop in Phuket.

Therefore, if you want to order a specific bouquet from our website, it is better to do it in advance (2-3 days in advance).

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