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Flower delivery in Phuket - how to order and what flowers are always available?

Flower delivery in Phuket - how to order and what flowers are always available?

Every day you visit our site and choose bouquets. Usually you send us a screenshot of a particular bouquet with the words "I want to order flowers in Phuket today in 2 hours." And often you can hear the answer that such a bouquet is not available now, but we have other bouquets.

Now we want to explain why this or that bouquet is often out of stock, but there are bouquets on our website and how best to order flowers in Phuket if you want specific flowers.

There are a lot of bouquets on our site. You probably understand that the flower dies very quickly. For this reason, we cannot always have all the flowers in our flower shop in Phuket every day. In our store every day there are popular flowers that are bought most often. And by writing to us on the day when you need delivery, we can make a bouquet for you from the flowers that are available. Many spend a lot of time to choose an interesting bouquet on our website. After that, they write to our manager and she says that such a bouquet is not available, but we can make such a bouquet in 1-2 days (after placing an order with our suppliers for the necessary flowers) or make a bouquet of flowers that are available. Therefore, dear customers, if you need a specific bouquet or flower - write to us in advance (at least 1/2 days in advance) and we will book flowers for you. Please note that some flowers are seasonal and are in stock and available for order only at certain times of the year.

We hope that each of our bouquets will bring a lot of joy to you and your loved ones.

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